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Christopher Langford - (MD)









Emily McNeil - (Ensemble Manager)









Ewan McNeil - (Treasurer)

            Emily has been playing in bands from a young age and has around 10 years experience in organising and running different musical projects. She is a enthusiastic Jazz fan who enjoys listening and playing everything from Glenn Miller to Gordon Goodwin. As Ensemble Manager, Emily is the main contact for booking concerts and is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. This usually involves many hours of filing music and promoting the band. When she isn't playing the sax, Emily is a Primary Teacher and a keen photographer.





        Ewan is a graduate from Lancaster University and he currently works as a Tax Advisor. He has been playing the Trombone in bands for about 13 years and enjoys listening to a range of music. As Treasurer for the band, he deals with all payments and invoices that come our way as well as keeping track and making sure that Christopher and Emily don't spend too much on music and equipment!



        The Infinity Jazz Orchestra was the brainchild of Christopher Langford (MD), Emily McNeil (Ensemble Manager) and Ewan McNeil (Treasurer) who, whilst at University, planned to found their own Big Band to allow players to continue playing after graduating. Most of the band is made up of students and recent graduates from a variety of degrees.


         Christopher has been involved with music for as long as his memory will allow him to recall. He began playing Piano at the age of 5 and then went on play Bass Guitar in a number of Big Bands throughout the Midlands and North West; it was here that he developed his love of Swing, Jazz and all things Big Band. He first met Emily and Ewan at Lancaster University, where he studied Physics, and it was here that they discovered their shared love of Big Bands and so vowed to start one of their own after University. After two years as the Musical Director for The Little Black Box Theatre in Bristol, Christopher has returned to the North and is extremely pleased to be leading a Big Band again.



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